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BioChem Careers

Jobs in Biotechnology Biotechnology is a discipline that utilizes living organisms to produce therapeutic drugs, diagnostics products, and many other  additional products that significantly benefit our society. Healthcare jobs :  Biotechnology has led to the development of many antibiotics for the treatment of different infections and also to the development of several therapeutic vaccines for the prevention of many diseases. Therapeutics biomolecules are too complicated to chemically synthesize, as a result, are required to be mass-produced in living cells such as bacteria, yeast or mammalian cells. These cells are often genetically manipulated to produce useful medicines. An  individual's DNA can also be screened to determine the existence of any altered sequences that could indicate a risk of certain cancers or the onset of certain adult diseases. Genetic testing has also been used in pre-natal screening. Forensic science jobs :  DNA analysis is widely used in the for